Friday, June 15, 2012

Reflecting on DBIT Graduation 2012

Last May 23, graduation ceremony was held for 434 DMIT Students. Among these students were 116 DBIT Graduates, may of which I personally taught. It was therefore a pleasure  to mingle with some of the students after the event. As a lecturer, it is easy to forget  graduation is one of the most important experiences when you are 20.  After all those years of hard work, assignments, FYP,  it must feel nostalgic that everything is finished. I'm sure when the reach home they will look at their photos with a mixture of happiness and sadness, as some will see each other for the last time. 
DBIT Diploma with Merit Awardess posing with Principal!
It is really heartening to see the camaraderie among the students, the genuine warmth they showed to us lecturers and each other. In fact, most bothered to stay back to take photos and chit-chat. I think, it tells a lot about their great experience in SP and their DBIT course. If fact, while chit chatting, I found out so many of them had been accepted to the university and/or already got a job. So good for them!
To wrap this all up, I'd like to summarize this post with a heartfelt Facebook entry written  by a DBIT student moments after her graduation. I have to say some of these students have great writing skills! I'm sooo impressed and very touched!! I cannot say it any better than this!
Once again, congratulations to all the graduates!!! 


Course Manager, Kim Ying with DBIT Students
Myself as well!

Say cheese!

 Look a the crowd a the back! A lot of students still hanging out!
 Monkeying around enjoy the atmosphere!
 Yum yum!
Its been swell!
One for posterity!

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