Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Launching of the "MetroDBITan"!

Dear readers,

We love your support of this blog, and we want to constantly come up with new and interesting content for you to read so that you keep coming back! :)

From the feedback that we have gathered from some of you, we hear that you would really be interested to know more about your coursemates and classmates.  Not just what they do as a DBIT student, but what they are like, outside school, and even before they came to SP!

We listened to your feedback, So starting from this week, we are going to come up with a new series named "MetroDBITan" - our very own online blog-magazine that will feature a different DBIT student each time and let you peek into their life, likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams!

With this, we hope to show you, how each and everyone of you, is special in your own way, and how together, each of us, with our own strengths and unique characteristics can make poly life really a wonderful experience!

Here's a preview of the first student we are going to feature for this series.  She is a truly amazing "supergirl" with multiple talents, so do watch out for her in the inaugural issue of "MetroDBITan"!

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