Friday, May 11, 2012

1st post of myself dedicate to DBIT blog

Student Profile
I am currently a Year 2 DBIT student in stage 2B.

I am also the Vice-President of Social Media Angels - Special Interest Group and Main Manager (currently) of ARO project.

Please email to on regarding anything related to social media or call me via my home-based office number: 6683-0724. 

I have alot of social networking sites' account (Top 10 and many more didn't list out), feel free to add me if you like this post !! :D

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Google+
  4. Twitter
  5. Edmodo
  6. Keek
  7. Pinterest
  8. Formspring
  9. Twitvid
  10. Dailymotion
Social Media Angels - Special Interest Group

Timeline of Portfolio - Events and Activities carried out by my team in SP

14 September 2011
I was one of the speakers with Kevan to share the experience about promoting Lavida Florist using Facebook Advertisement on 14 Sep 2011.

Lavida Florist is owned by my ITE friend, Edwin Yap (same age as me) who quit SP last year. Idk the reason behind it. He let me and Kevan promote his florist to experiment for 1 month. I used Facebook Advertisement during the 2nd week of the SMM campaign, just to attract likes, becos the target amt of likes at tt time was 1000. But i managed to let it reached at 1089 aft the FB Ads deadline. Kevan was to create the Facebook content and interact with the fans. We analysis the Facebook insights and Facebook Ads Graphs together.

Valentine's Day Eve of the Week
I was interviewed by Zaobao Comma about the social media campaign (SP Love Happens) on 5 Feb 2012. The page was managed by me and my team from end of January till now. We also set up a booth sale from 8 to 10 Feb in Food court 6 before Valentine's Day. You can see the newspaper articles in Zaobao Comma, 6th issue on 14 Feb 2012.

Taken by Joshua, Zaobao photographer during 1 of the meeting.

A group photo taken by the photographer of Zaobao Comma 

Appeared in Zaobao Comma, 6th issue

26 April 2012
I was the student organizer of publicity in SITF Interactions Seminar.

SITF Interactions Seminar EDM format
06 April to 5 May 2012 
I was a promoter and Facebook Page Admin in attracting "Likes" for SCS Splash Awards Facebook page from 250 likes to 1780 likes in a month by using Facebook Advertisement voluntarily. 

Admin Interface of SCS Splash Awards
Mar 27 to Dec 31 
My team and I are currently working with Alumni Relations (ARO) on a social media project for graduating students and Alumnus of SP. It had been approved by the Principal of SP and we are offered a office space in Inno-village for project activities and internal meetings. Due to confidential info, i cannot release out until i got their approval to put up.

I will be creating more posts related to social media knowledge and latest info after midnight << LOL !!


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