Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Changchun.... Last posting (?)....

I guess, the more surprising and sastifying thing we saw in this road would definitely be this.


Without any second thoughts, we flooded this place and ordered a whole bunch of drinks.
Waiting for the drinks. We can see the barista directly from there… and it is obvious that they are very stressed making the drinks.

After dining in so many places, and comparing the international standard companies [such as McDonalds and KFC] I’m sure everyone agrees that Starbucks is the only company that maintain its global standards.
In fact when one of us wanted to order a Caremel Latte. We accidentially spoke in English.

Surprisingly, the cashier know that and asked in english, “Venti?”.

This is the best QoS we have gotten from any MNC.

Sadly, in Changchun, there is no Starbucks and our mommentery feel of home was short.
We then went to the church with lots of beautiful lightings.

And after the group photos, we conclude our Harbin trip, and proceed with another 5 hours of journey…

Week 4...
This week, we went to a International School for some exchange program. No pictures allow!

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