Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Changchun OITP (1st two weeks) ...


As most of you followers may know, this March to April is the ITP period for all Year Two DBIT students. Some of us choose overseas location as our ITP. One of these locations includes Chang Chun, the capital city of Ji Lin Province in China.
In total, there are more than 50 Singapore Polytechnic Students crowded in a hotel in Chang Chun, and 3 of us are from DBIT, mainly Yue Qi (left of the picture), Trisha (right of the picture) and Kent (at the right background smiling epic-ly). [The guy in the center is from Clean Energy]
We started our journey on a Saturday Night Via China Eastern Airline to Chang Chun, via Shang hai. Upon arrivial, we were welcomed by our incharge, David, 李老师。Along with him is 6 DISM Seniors.
We then took a bus back to our hotel, 中奥大饭店。Before coming forth to Chang Chun, I heard many stories about how dirty this place is and honestly I did not expect too much from the hotel hostility. However, I was completely shocked when I entered the hotel room.
Subsequently, we head out for our first meal together in Chang Chun. It was in the Hotel and it served us a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup and 6 dishes.
After unpacking and getting use to this place, we turned in and prepared for our first day of work… (Aren’t that rush?)

DAY ONE (almost everyday the same...)
9:00 AM – we boarded the bus that took us to our work place. It is actually a short 10 minute bus ride (around 25 minute of walking distance). After entering that place, we were asked to introduce ourselves. This Lady in charge is actually the daughter of the company and is a major in Accounting. This company is actually a outsourced company from Zhejiang Chamber of
Commerce, 天成科技发展有限公司。This Company specializes in developing software that is very useful for the local police and is in fact used widely among the China Police. Also, because of this reason, more details cannot be reviewed :-)

Fast forwarding our day, we were all tired. We boarded the bus at 4 pm and head back to the hotel. After a shower and dinner, we completed some administrative stuff and went to sleep.
Today, it snowed. We were all so excited!
Due to some internal reasons, we were re-posted to the main company, Zhe Jiang Chamber of Commerce. Here, we met with 张君老师。He is the overall operations in charge and held a very strong portfolio. Previously, he was in Japan with IBM for many years. He is in charge of creating software for many companies to increase their efficiency.
He mentioned that the smallest project took him at least six months, and the longest project he held was 2 plus years. He is also well versed in Chinese Literature.
[Confidentiality rules still apply]

Finally, the week end has approached! Today, according to weather forecast, it will snow once again. Making it the second time it is snowing already.

Today, according to our plan, we will get to experience snowboarding… This is the ski park that we are going to.
Honestly, how many Singaporeans can say that they skied in actual snow? Haha.. I doubt many would. And this was an AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

Since many of our work are considered classified, we would just skip right ahead tour weekend Program… next time :-)

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