Thursday, January 12, 2012

Studying at Poly is so DIFFERENT, comparing to studying at Secondary School

[This initiative stems from one of the many modules DBIT students are currently studying, i.e.: Social Media Marketing (SMM) and is a perfect way to achieve DBIT's goals to inculcate authentic learning in our students and to encourage entrepreneurship.]

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Zoe, Sin Ee, Zhao Wei, Jianghao and Xuan Qing

In SMM, we learned how to market companies through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We market for a bags' company, "Faces Places" through social media, but we realize we can further enhance our online marketing campaign through traditional marketing methods, i.e.:

On 11th Jan 2012, we opened a bazaar outside Singapore Polytechnic’s Auditorium to increase awareness and sales of the "Faces Places" we are working for our SMM assignment. Not only to increase awareness of the company, we hoped to help the company to achieve a change in their market standing.

We hope our campaigns through this bazaar will let our target audience think of "Faces Places" as one of the option in their mind when come to bags.

Overall, we managed to attain 2 preorders and 2 sales in this bazaar. (LOL! 4 bags sold?...)

It is quite a fun (and painful) experience to get a chance to set up a bazaar. Although there was a lot of planning and effort required. With our great teamwork and help from our SMM tutor, Miss Dora Chua (thanks Miss Dora!), we managed to hold this bazaar and also another bazaar on 17th and 18th Jan outside Foodcourt 5! (please, please come and support us, ya?)

Check out our Faces Places Facebook page for more information.

Posted on behalf of Eng Zhao Wei, DBIT Year 1 student

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