Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanksgiving & X'Mas

Hi All,

I believe all of your tests have already ended. Do enjoy these 3 weeks of vacation and take this time to rest well! :D

Have you noticed this along the walkway of level 3 at T21? Well, this is the media room that is also the DBIT's HUB! :D (as well as 82-BIT's meeting place)

T2135! DBIT's HUB! :D

It is decorated for the festive season of Christmas! Do take a peep into the room if you happen to walk by! :D (I didn't have a picture of the decorated room, except the christmas tree... so do pop-by and peep in if you're curious! :) )

Decorated Christmas tree!

Hanged with message of thanks and well wishes!

Take a sweet and write a note - It's a thanking season! :)
It' Christmas around the corner and it's also the Thanksgiving season!  Take this time to thank the people around you - families, friends, lecturers, neighbours or even a stranger that helped you hold the lift! :D

Once again, I wish you, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :D

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