Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A DBIT iPhone App for the Environment: Green@SG

In Today's paper, an article caught my attention. It mentioned that more and more developers here are looking to create the next 'Angry Birds' because of the huge revenue potential. The article went on to site that at least two tertiary institutions here have got into the act to provide the training to teach undergraduates how to program applications for the iPad.

With the popularity of app development, it is good to acknowledge our very own DBIT students who pioneered development of iOS apps for the school before such activities made the headlines. The students obviously saw the significance of the mobile future before others did.

The app, called Green@SG, was developed for the Aljunied Town council to promote environmental awareness (a very important area in itself). Not just content with one function, the students created three functions: an energy calculator, "Bin-the-trash" game, and "Green Gallery" to ensure the app's usefulness. You can read about this project here.

You can access the app from the app store at:

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