Thursday, November 10, 2011

TechFest at SP Convention Centre

TechFest was recently held at SP Convention Centre

Free popcorn and awesome cotton candy! :D

What is on the agenda for TechFest, Hmmmmm!

Hugh turnout for TechFest

Speech by external speakers on Microsoft Kinect, Internship and
Whats the Future

Microsoft College Connect is a initiative by Microsoft Student Partners in Singapore to reach out to college students.

Microsoft Kinect, features so cool, game controllers are a thing of the past
body gestures and voice commands are the in thing now! :D

Live demo of Kinect game play! Awesome features!

Overall a great eye opener to how technology has developed.How games and gaming have diversified from just leisure to therapy for patients. Lastly participated in a impromptu contest for the XBOX Kinect but did not win. Hope to join more of such SP events! :D

Written by
- Saadiq Manzir (DBIT/FT/2B/13)

Photo Credits
-Eve Ho Yan Cheng (DBIT/FT/2B/13)
-Sim Shi Jie (DBIT/FT/2B/13)


Kim @ SP said...

No Lucky Draw for me :-(

Saadiq said...

We should have lucky draw for all dbit students! :D

Team Whistler said...

Saadiq Manzir (DBIT/FT/2B/13)
Eve Ho Yan Cheng (DBIT/FT/2B/13)
Sim Shi Jie (DBIT/FT/2B/13)

Thanks for writing this up!

Jonathan Toh
SP Campus Lead 11/12 - Microsoft Student Partners