Thursday, November 24, 2011

SB Career Fair

The SB Career Fair was held on Wednesday,23 November 2011, at the foyer of Singapore Polytechnic, School of Business.There were a lot of famous participating banks at the fair such as UOB Bank, OCBC Bank, CitiBank,and companies such as KPMG LLP, Ritz Carlton and institutions such as SP Jain Center of Management and many more. Lets start with ACCA, The Association for Chartered Certified Accountants, probably at the fair for DAC students, headquarters in London!

Cool Collections of Frank debit visa cards offered by OCBC,if interested, first you have to apply for a Frank deposit account with OCBC and then you get to choose standard Frank debit visa card for free, as for designed cards featured in the pictures below there is a fee of $20. The first year the usage of the card is free, subsequent years service charge of $20 per year is imposed if minimum charge of $1800 is not charged to visa transactions within a year. : O

More OCBC Frank Cards

Citibank, one of the most desired companies to work for 2011 voted by Gen Y and working adults earlier this year! Citibank hopes the survey is true with sign ups from SP students! : )

Hugh turnout for the career fair but credits wont just go to the participating companies!

The yummy treats is a hugh motivator to stay longer and take a look around ! : D

Overall a great experience at the career fair learnt about two other companies which i personally did not know, S P Jain Center of Management and KPMG. S P Jain Center of Management is an institution which offers Bachelors and Masters degree programs, S P Jain's Global MBA program is ranked 9th in Asia by financial times! KPMG an audit firm and is the famous firm that brought the NKF (National Kidney Foundation) scandal to light in 2005! :D

Written by
- Saadiq Manzir (DBIT/FT/2B/13)

Photo Credits
-Eve Ho Yan Cheng (DBIT/FT/2B/13)

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