Thursday, November 10, 2011

POLY 50!

After Saadiq's post on TechFest, I shall post about POLY50! Which so happen to fall on the same day and concurrently with TechFest. So did any of you went to run the POLY50? Well, I DID! :D I joined in last minute to replace a friend of mine, and certainly kind of doubt I'll survive the race because I didn't even train my running! And if I recall correctly, the last time I properly ran was probably napfa 2.4km in sec 4! (Yes, I'm an un-sporty person, least to say a runner.... :/) 

We are team Green Transformers, we are team 61! :D
There are a total of 100 over teams and we're team 61! :D

The rectangular thing was the RFID thingy....

So anyway, I ran for my Inner Mongolia OCIP team, and we're the GREEN TRANSFORMERS team (that's my team name for the OCIP by the way). (: AND WE FINISHED THE 50 ROUNDS! :D And most importantly, all 10 of us made it safely to the finishing line! :D None of us actually stopped and ran lesser, instead, each and everyone of us ran our fair part in the relay race! Very proud of all of us! :D

GREEN TRANSFORMERS!! :D Runners & Supporters! (before our run...)

So for those of you who don't know what is or how is POLY50 like, I shall explain a bit here. Hehe. So POLY50 is like a Relay Marathon Race? (hope i described it right... haha) So basically, there's a circuit that is 600meters. There is a change station between every 200m interval, hence there are 3 changing stations in total along that 600m circuit stretch. So each team will split their runners into respective groups (however they want) and station them at the changing stations. So when one runner runs a 200m stretch and decided to change, he will stop in front of his team mate in the next changing station and the team mate will take the turn and run for the next stretch. But of course, you can choose not to stop and skip a changing station and run for 600m in one go before switching your turn to another teammate. This year, POLY50 incorporated this RFID thing to record the running rounds for each team. So when you run pass certain "sensor", your rounds will be updated on the screen.

So since each round is 600m, 50 rounds will make it 30000m = 30km! Each team can have a maximum number of 10 runners (if I'm not wrong), thus averagely, each member of a team will have to run 3km (with many intervals in between the sprint/run/jog)!

At the beginning, I did make an effort to sprint, slowly I ended up running and eventually jogging my way from one station to the other. It's very tiring, however, I feel that all these are worthwhile. 

GREEN TRANSFORMERS finished the race!!! :D

The POLY50 carnival... (taken after our race)

GREEN TRANSORMERS with the finishing line~

Team 61! Completed 50 rounds!!!

I'm really glad to have taken up the challenge and agreed to run for POLY50. It's definitely a run to remember and even with all my muscle aches now, I've never regretted and everything is worth the while. (: Even though we may not be the fittest group of people out there running this race, but having finished the race was a great feat to us! Afterall, it's the attitude of the team members and the teamwork that's there, the support and encouragement, and the "never give up" attitude of each member, that made the whole race meaningful and enjoyable! Anyway, our team only ran with a goal in mind, that was, to finish the race safely and have fun. And WE DID!