Friday, November 4, 2011

Be a member of 82-BIT

Hi ALL DBIT students,

Would you like to be the core of life in DBIT? 
If this statement even interest you the slightest bit, do sign up now and join us! ( )

Heard of 36-BIT and 64-BIT? Well, we'll introduce to you 82-BIT!
82-BIT is SP DBIT's very own course "club". 
So why 82-BIT? S82 is our JAE code, and we are from DBIT!

As part of 82-BIT you can participate in many different activities:

The vision of 82-BIT, is to bring DBIT together and connected!  :D

Well, what are you waiting for? Hope to see your name on the list! ;D
Or turn up for our meeting cum decoration... on 10 November 2011 (Thursday), 4:00pm at T2135.


The 82-BIT Team
(Shi Hui, Shi Jie, Eve, Saadiq and Ker Sing)

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