Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Went to support "Now You Can"!

Last Sunday was the finale for the 'Now You Can Series' Conspiracy Challenge 2011. Did you go and support the SP teams that got into the finalist for the Technology for Good section (Jedicare & VivaStudio)? Well, I did. :) Actually I also joined the 'Now You Can Series' under the Helping Humans section, but my team only made it to the top 10 with our ideas, but weren't chosen by the judges to proceed to the finale. We were invited to receive our awards (as shortlistees).

My team for Helping Humans~

So basically, in the finale, there would be three teams for each section - Helping Humans, Dream is Green & Technology for Good. These 9 teams were the finalists and they would compete to be crowned the winner for the respective sections. So what do they compete? They present their ideas to the judges and the public!

Team : Jedicare~

Team: VivaStudio~
The winner for 'Now You Can' Technology for Good is SP's very own Jedicare! Vivastudio came in as runner-up! Congratulations to both teams! :D As an audience, I'm really awed by their presentation and especially when it's in front of a whole crowd of audiences.

(Team: VivaStudio) Can you see the crowd? :O

DMIT Directors, Lectures & Students came to support!

Two of the members of VivaStudio was from my OCIP team, and the majority of us went to support them! :D Despite nearly one month since the end of our trip, I feel that many of us still hold on to this very strong bonds that we built during the inner mongolia trip. :D

OCIP team came to support~
Doesn't VivaDerma and VivaStudio sounds similar to you, well, we have the same leader! haha. :D It was a pity that one of our team mate (for VivaDerma) wasn't free that day so he wasn't able to join us. So shall end off this blog entry with a picture of my VivaDerma team! :D

VivaDerma! :D

Being able to participate in this 'Now You Can' series, allows me to see many wonderful ideas other people have. It was truly a good experience, especially working with my teammates.

-shihui. (Year 2, EBS Option)