Sunday, October 9, 2011

SP Alumni Appreciation Dinner 2011

I was cordinally invited to the Alumni Appreciation Dinner on Friday (7/10/11) at The Hall, SP, where we celebrate the joys and rewards of giving together with our SP alumni.It was a raining evening! But, the turn-up was unexpected... (I would say "FULL-HOUSE!"). I managed to re-connect with some DBIT alumni, it was great!

(PS: from left: Wei Ting@NUS studying Bachelor of Art majoring Japanese Studies (WHAT! Swear, it is TRUE!),Jocelin,Syahida and Hafilah studying @ NTU Comp. Sc.)
(JunDe studying @ NUS Computing, XinRu-BUSINESS WOMAN, business somewhere at Tanjong Pagar, ZhiJian @ NTU studying Bachelor of Business)

SP Alumni Relations Office encourages the alumni to make a difference and pave the way for their fellow schoolmates and juniors as they complete this enriching journey as a student of SP. In a way, contribution in any way (many ways) will be considered and appreciated, hehehe... :-)

I also managed to catch-up with Augustin Chan, who's working at BT Frontline as Technical Consultant, and ANOTHER BUSINESS WOMAN, Valeria Chai, owner of StarCresto. It was great to know DBIT alumnus are so willing to be back (soon!) to contribute to DBIT or DMIT...

Valerie and me (apologies, quality not so good as using iPhone

Shirley, Augustin and Michael

We ended the day snapping DMIT Alumnus (Family) photo...

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