Thursday, October 20, 2011

Innovative Learning Spaces at DMIT

Hurray! We have new innovative learning spaces that simulate real-life learning environments to make our learning experience as authentic as possible.

This is really GOOD News! So, what's in store? Check it out:
  • The Hangout at T21, Level 1 and the eight tutorial rooms behind it will be converted into a new media, arts and design production house called “M.A.D. House”.
  • On T21, Level 1 and Level 4, there will be new rehearsal rooms as part of the Rehearsal Tower.
  • On T19, Level 3, there will be a new Business Innovation & Design Studio, a Harvard-style Classroom, as well as the new Dealing Room.
  • Studio 19 and the labs along that stretch will be transformed into The Agency, while creative use of space sees the carving out of The Writer’s Room from an underused area.
You will notice that renovation works have already started and will be completed by end of December 2011. What I heard is that there will also be other learning spaces that will created (soon!).

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