Sunday, October 2, 2011


IDA silver infocomm event started on 29September to 1 October 2011..
But DMIT helpers only help out on 30September and 1 October 2011..
Thus, I will be blogging about the two days helped out in this event! :)


Sp student helpers gathered at 7.30am at VIP Auditorium
Where we took our attendance, t-shirt, water bottle, food coupon.

Registration + Goodie bags redemption for Auntie and Uncle whom sign up!

Went up around 9am and we started with our first hands-on session..
Helping, guiding, teaching and translating to the uncle and aunties..

There was a mini tea break, consisting of some noodles and side dishes..
With the complement of hot coffee and hot milk tea!
Though the hot tea a little sweet, but hot and warm in the cold weather! :)

Went back in and continue the hands-on session..
Stopped at around 1.30pm? Where we went to have our lunch at FC4..

Bring people up by 3pm and started the second session, this time, it was livelier..
Met new Sp student helper named paulson and a girl, i forgot her name.. :/
Around 4pm, had a short tea breaks and everyone said the food (dong fen) not nice!

I get to know 2 aunties which are very nice and funny!

Even gang up with one of the auntie and send "Hi handsome" to the instructor! :P
Ended the session by taking group photos and also with the 2 aunties!

Went back to Auditorium around 5pm, sign out of attendance..
Debriefed at Auditorium!

Ending off with a group photo with the instructor, Peter cheong..
The rest of IDA helpers and the 3 SP volunters..

On the third day of the event, Shi Jie, Yunita and I formed a group of 3..
We were in-charge of digital photo management group!

Went to do ushering from 7am ++ to 8.15am..
Went up around 9am and went in to help, guide and translate to them...
Had a small tea break around 10.30pm and the bee hoon today was nice!!! :D

Shi Jie and I chatted with a guy from next room and I forgot his name again! :/
Then, went in to continue helping and thanks each other for the hard work..
Around 1pm, went to Auditorium, give back the things and sign out..

Some pictures taken today:

The event started from 7.30am to 6pm on 30Sept and 7.15am to 1.30pm on 1 Oct..
Though the timing was long and we had help out for a total of 3 sessions..
The Uncle, Auntie, IDA and student helpers enjoyed themselves during these 2 days..

I felt that not only the uncle and aunties have brought home knowledge...

I've also learned some of the skills being taught..

Also, age doesn't matters when comes to learning..

It's not easy for people like them to want to learn something that's new..
But they tried and put in their effort, hoping to learn and acquire new skills..
I admire their curiosity for knowledge and their bravery for taking the first step!

So, it is really a place where we can exchange and share what we have learned..
If there is such a workshop again, I will sign up as it is both meaningful and memorable..
Really enjoyed myself there and as the Chinese saying goes... "活到老学到老" :D

- Eve Ho, DBIT (NMM Option)

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