Saturday, October 29, 2011

Adobe Flash Lesson with Thai Exchange Students

Just when we thought it was going to be a typical Friday at school, students from Thailand came along with their caretakers came to our class room as part of their programme.

We were arranged to be grouped and to be seated beside a Thai student by our Adobe Flash lecturer, Ms Charmaine. We chit chatted with the Thai students found out that they have already completed Adobe Flash back in Thailand, while we just began this module.

They said they like the SP environment and preferred the teaching style in SP compared to their home in Thailand. In SP with computer labs and Library very conveniently located they say its a great ambience for education.

We also found the plight of Thailand in recent times troubling with floods as high as an average human.They mentioned that when it floods, schools are closed and they head to the nearest high rise building and take refuge. They do not got to school till the flood resides and have extra lessons to make up for loss time.

They spend most of their time like most SP students on Facebook, Twitter , chatting , watching movies and playing computer games.

Lastly at the end of the lesson we gathered and took a group photo! : D

- Saadiq Manzir (DBIT/FT/2B/13)

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