Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hi peeps came back from Timor Leste few weeks ago for OCIP.
Was asked to share about the trip and what we did there =)

The project is called IT Joy Timor Leste. We were there to teach and maintain the computers which were donated by the school. We were also there to teach the students how to make cards and some simple English and most of all we were there to interact with the locals. We were there from 3-13 September 2011.

When we arrive the first thing I saw before
coming down from the plane was the banana
tress. They were planted near the airport and I could even recognize some houses nearby. The weather was rather hot somewhat like Singapore.

On the first night we went to one of the hostel for dinner. We were so touched by the youth welcomed us with songs and dance. You can really feel the warmth from their hearts reaching out to you through their songs.

On the second day (being a Sunday) we went to market which was about 2 hour drive from where we were staying. the view were excellent and it is situated right at the coast of the sea. we manage to see the beauty of Timor.

Today we started our work at the convent. We split ourselves into 3 groups to help the student. I was helping out with the IT stuff while the rest are helping out with either cards making or teaching them English thru songs.

We also met with the president on day 4 during dinner time. I felt very honoured as being in my 10 days in Timor I was able to have a short discussion with the president @.@

On day 7 we went up to the mountains to where mother Theresa convent was.

We also visited the places of interest the huge statue of Christ.

On the last day of our trip, we went to another convent to help them with their work. A few of use manage to peal a big plate of peanuts while the other went to either fry the tangerines or fried bananas chips. We bought lots of chips and snacks which were made by the people at the convent.

After the trip we all felt that there is so much we could do there and most of us hope that we could go there again.

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Diploma in Business Information Technology said...

Andrew! You have a heart for the community!